Thinking of Tattoo Removal?

Unwanted Colour Tattoo

Partly Faded Tattoo in Laser Removal Process

Thinking of Tattoo Removal?

Have you found at the start of 2023 you are looking at your tattoo with some regret? You may have a poorly executed tattoo or your personal taste has changed. So if you have now found yourself regretting your decision to have a tattoo but are not sure what can be done read on to learn more about whether tattoos can be removed, the process and how you can get yours removed safely.

Can your unwanted tattoo be removed?

The great news is yes, you can get your tattoo removed with laser treatment which is one of the most frequently used methods and one of the most effective ways of removing tattoo’s. When you have a tattoo done, the ink is injected beneath the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) and as a result it is far more difficult to remove a tattoo than the tattoo application itself. If you are  unhappy with the way your tattoo looks or you are no longer satisfied that it matches your current image then you may be considering having it removed or faded. 

How are tattoo’s removed? 

Unwanted tattoo’s can be removed gradually over a series of treatments.  Your bodies immune system will safely eliminate the ink after it has been broken down into small particles by the laser light technology.

Can colour tattoo’s be removed? 

Here at Without A Trace Laser Clinic we use the latest laser technology available to remove tattoo ink. Black tattoo ink is far easier to remove as it absorbs the laser frequency/heat energy much easier so is far more effective than on other colours.

Laser Tattoo Removal treatment process

To see results it will require several sessions of Laser Tattoo Removal, spacing the treatments out approximately 8 weeks apart.  The time required for each session will depend on the size, detail and colour of the tattoo.  Once each treatment is complete the area is soothed and a clear dressing is applied for your comfort and safety.  

Use Qualified Tattoo Removal Experts

All our services are delivered by fully qualified and registered technicians. Please check our website for more details.

Client Safety

Using Laser Tattoo removal equipment is highly technical and requires specialised training for our clients safety.  Without A Trace Laser Clinic is a registered clinic and has been established in Tamworth since 2012.  Our qualified technicians are trained to the highest standards and registered with the relevant regulatory body.  The lasers we use are all CE Certified and we operate in a clean and safe environment.

To Summarise:

  • Your unwanted tattoo can be removed using Laser technology
  • The laser breaks down the ink into small particles which is then removed through your body’s immune system 
  • Black ink will require between 6 to 12 treatments depending on size, colour tattoo’s are more complex
  • We use the latest laser technology which is used in a clean and safe environment

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