How do Fashion Models prepare for photo shoots using laser hair removal?

Molly- Victoria Owen, a fashion model from the Midlands, came to us as she was getting extremely fed up with constantly shaving every day before photoshoots.
Molly said: ‘Shaving every day was getting long and tedious, and not to mention incredibly time consuming. I was having to wake up early on shoot days to make sure I was hair free’.
As luck would have it, Molly lived down the road from the Without a Trace Clinic and got in touch as she wanted more information about our Laser Hair Removal services.
Alan and the team received Molly’s contact form and we got her booked in for a consultation to go through the process and what the treatment would entail.
Molly communicated her main problem areas to the team and we booked her in for a patch test to make sure she did not have a reaction to the laser. Once the patch test was over, Molly got herself booked in to have her legs and underarms hair removed.
We always say to our clients that a minimum of 6 sessions is needed to permanently reduce any unwanted body hair. However, all clients start to see results after a few short sessions.
‘I’ve only had a couple of sessions but I have already noticed the difference; it’s amazing. I’m no longer spending ages shaving, I can wake up and be shoot ready’ said Molly.
Model Molly still has to complete the full course of Laser Hair Removal but is already impressed with her results – imagine how impressed she will be once she’s finished with us. You can be apart of Molly’s hair free journey over on her instagram: @mollowen
If you have to shave or wax often and don’t want the expensive, time consuming job anymore then SAY YES to Laser Hair Removal here at Without a Trace.
We have payment options and offers in place to be able to suit any budget. Get in touch with the team by filling in the contact form.

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